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Garage Door Spring Repair California

Torsion & Extension Springs

All garage doors function through the use of springs. Without them, it’s impossible to lift or even lower down your door safely. These springs also form part of the important framework that transfers force right from the mechanism of opening to the frame of the door. It, therefore, implies that these parts should always be kept in the best shape possible. In case, of any issue, seek repair or replacement services from a provider near you. We offer such services, and our company is always prepared to assist you to repair those springs. Before we get to the topic of how to repair them, it’s good to understand the types of springs that garage doors use. You should have such information at hand if you want to make work easier. Which types do you know? Well, there are two types of springs that garage doors have. Each is explained below:

Garage Door Spring Repair California

We can replace your garage door springs if they have broken. As a matter of fact, we recommend you do not operate your garage door after you have had the garage door springs break. This is because the springs do the heavy lifting for the garage door. That’s right, it’s the springs, not the opener that actually allows the garage door to move with ease. The opener simply moves the garage door automatically.

There are 2 types of springs available for garage doors you can read more about them below. If your springs are broken don’t hesitate to call us we can repair your garage door springs to make your garage door work perfectly again

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

Their way of operation is quite different from that of extension springs. Unlike the other type, these springs make use of torque to raise the door. They are right above the opening of the garage door. When force is applied to the springs, they twist on the shaft of the door to facilitate operation. Since garage doors vary in size and other features, you’ll find these springs in many different sizes, and lengths. You’ll thus choose the one you want depending on the weight and height of your garage door.

Extension Springs

Most garage doors use this type. They are located above the horizontal tracks on both sides of the garage door. To help in the opening and closing the door, these springs extend to provide a counterbalancing force. It’s this force that gives the required support to the garage door. The more force you apply to them, the more they expand and open the door. Force can either come from a human hand or a motor. You need to be extra careful when handling these springs because they play a very critical role that no other part can play.

Springs Repair Services

When it comes to garage door springs repair services, you need to be a little bit careful in choosing who to give the responsibility of fixing the springs. As a precaution, never try to fix them alone unless you have been trained or have the skills to carry out such a risky task. In fact, it can cause fatal injuries if you mishandle them. For safety, leave them to experts alone. No one else should touch them. Our highly trained techs can help you. We have been offering these services and we know what one should do to be safe.

Cable Services

Garage door cables wear out with time and usage. When they finally break and you need repair services, please seek the help of our techs. Just like springs, cables are sensitive parts that you cannot leave to anyone to handle them. They are parts that experts only should fix. Our experts can help you anytime. If they break when you arrive home in the evening and you need to have them fixed immediately, please give us a call. We respond promptly to emergency calls. You should not let broken cables become the reason to compromise your safety and that of your vehicle and tools.

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